Saturday, April 6, 2019

Sunday, April 7, 2019

randy reyes collaborates with sound design artist Matt Weisberg of NYC to premiere a work that experiments with condensing the durational element of an installation. Elements of the erotic, psychosomatic states and the shift between doing and non-doing will co-exist with the embodiment of geometry (triangles, hexagons) and numbers (13, 33, and 69).

Avy K Productions’ “landscape dances” series explores the theme of immigration by re-considering definitions of ‘home’ and ‘rootedness.’ As someone who immigrated 6 times, we associate roots with rootlessness. Contemplating our own body in its landscape, we ask questions: What is my landscape? What about the horizon of the landscape?

Bahiya Movement presents “PUKKA,” an extension of Bahiya Movement’s dance work “Weighted Acceptance.”  “PUKKA,” a Hindi word for “GENUINE,” offers a broader and deeper platform to explore the inter-sectional oppression faced by People of Color. “PUKKA” asks, how SOLID/GENUINE are you?



Zahna Simon & Ayisha Knight-Shaw will present a rare collaborative work about Deaf culture, which has been historically overlooked, colonized, and oppressed. “Ki in 3D “explores the life energy/presentation of Deaf culture to break through barriers and spread awareness to society.

Kevin Wong’s new solo work explores the challenges of moving through tension and contortions of the body and juxtaposing them to relaxed and loose movements.


Jhia Jackson & Antoine Hunter will debut a dance work exploring the inner-collective struggle of confronting and embracing Black stereotypes, the performative rarity of strong/silky Black/brown gendered bodies in commune, and the relinquishment of control in relationships.

Poetic fictions and truths unravel the fabric of time. Traversing through sonic landscape with the compass of word and the sight of body. Europa Grace's 'tick' was created in collaboration with LEXAGON (Alexa Burrell), and is an embodiment of (re)membering. Their new work is a hypnotic submergence into collective and personal memory.

Firebrand Dancers Group will fill the space with intense physical interactions and mute conversation. With bodies that are different in shape and function, the dancers use their senses to create fluidity, they work passionately for a unified thought, and they portray change and reflect aspects of the world through performance.




Hannah&Maranda present A Duet: Yourself, a look at our internal conversations. The dance oscillates between observation, competition, support, and love while exploring how the self deals with the self. 





randy reyes is a queer AfroLatinx brujx originally from NJ y Guatemala; currently making love in Oakland. They excavate task-meditations, the presence of absence, and find pleasure in the messiness of creating contemporary rituals within quotidian/natural landscapes. They investigate the tension of boundaries in service of activating the erotic.


Bahiya Movement was founded in 2011 by mother and daughter, Afia and Nafi Thompson. Bahiya Movement has resented work at Oakland Art & Soul Festival, Black Choreographers Festival, San Francisco Carnaval, The Palace of Fine Arts, and Denmark Arts Center in Denmark, Maine. Bahiya Movement’s mission is to heal through the art of movement.


Kevin Wong, from San Francisco, California, graduated from the University of California, Riverside as a Dance Major Education Minor. He hopes to continue his artistic practice of experimenting and researching dance by asking questions, reflecting on different approaches, and offering time and space for others to explore.


Europa Grace is a mixed-race Afro-Caribbean spoken word poet, movement artist, and educator from New York, now living in San Francisco. They forge a tool from movement and language to access and embody a plurality of presence. Their work has been featured in the National Queer Arts Festival, Fresh Festival, and Queer Rebels Performance Showcase.






Founded by Tsimbrovsky (choreographer), Puyandaev (visual artist), and Maguire (philosopher), Avy K Productions is dedicated to creating cutting-edge live art that crosses the boundaries of genre, discipline, and time. Avy K's signature audio-visual-kinetic approach uses the principles of visual art with the tools of improvised physical movement.



A San Francisco native and Deaf from birth, Ms. Zahna Simon is a professional dancer, chemist, researcher, ASL performance consultant, Deaf advocate, and Deaf interpreter who has earned a BS/BFA in Chemistry/Dance Performance. She is assistant director for Urban Jazz Dance Company and an ASL performance consult for Jess Curtis. Ayisha Knight-Shaw is a Deaf multimedia artist, poet, educator, and Reiki Master Teacher. Daughter of a White Jewish mother and Black Cherokee father, she was raised in an ethnically diverse community of poets, painters, photographers, and storytellers learning that creating and sharing art is a political act as well as a thing of beauty.


Jhia Jackson is an artist, organizer, and sociologist who often collaborates on interdisciplinary projects. Bay Area native Mr. Antoine Hunter is an award-winning African-American Deaf choreographer.


Firebrand Dancers Group is directed by Lani Dickinson. Dickinson dances for AXIS Dance Company, in Oakland, California. She graduated from Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA program in 2016 and was awarded the Princess Grace Dance Award in 2015. Dickinson is in a national television commercial, has been featured on CNN, and interviewed in Dance Spirit magazine.

Hannah & Maranda are a dance duo proudly hailing from the East Bay. They have made and performed works for SAFEhouse Arts, Klanghaus, and various DIY performance spaces. Their choreography together blooms from their friendship, taking on a playful tone while working with challenging and authentic movement. Their moms say it's really good!