Congratulations to the

26th Annual West Wave Dance Festival Artists!


Thank you to the San​ ​Francisco​ ​Community​ ​Music​ ​Center for hosting. 

 Heres to another exciting year!



For 2017, performing artists and choreographers were asked to collaborate with live musicians in
co-creating work under the theme of "Nocturnes."


This year’s exciting cohort included:

Janet Collard

Nol Simonse

This Sweet Nothing

Christine Germain/STEM

Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement

Julie Binkley

Amelia Bonvento
Twisted Oak Dance Theater (10/1)
Bellwether Dance Project/Amy Foley (10/7)
Chlo & Co Dance
Marissa Wong/ TWObigsteps collective
Michael D. Lee
Dazaun Soleyn
Kusanovich Dance

Sri Thina

Lalli Venkat

Vertika Srivastava

Preethi Ramaprasad
Kavita Thirumalai
Naina Shastri



For more information please email the Festival Coordinator,, or Executive Director,