Applications for the 27th Annual West Wave Dance Festival will be avilable Febraury 21st.




Congratulations to the

26th Annual West Wave Dance Festival Artists!


Thank you to the San​ ​Francisco​ ​Community​ ​Music​ ​Center for hosting. 

 Heres to another exciting year!


For 2017, performing artists and choreographers were asked to collaborate with live musicians in
co-creating work under the theme of "Nocturnes."


Last year’s exciting cohort included:

Janet Collard

Nol Simonse

This Sweet Nothing

Christine Germain/STEM

Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement

Julie Binkley

Amelia Bonvento
Twisted Oak Dance Theater (10/1)
Bellwether Dance Project/Amy Foley (10/7)
Chlo & Co Dance
Marissa Wong/ TWObigsteps collective
Michael D. Lee
Dazaun Soleyn
Kusanovich Dance

Sri Thina

Lalli Venkat

Vertika Srivastava

Preethi Ramaprasad
Kavita Thirumalai
Naina Shastri



For more information please email the Festival Coordinator,