SPF 11 will feature two programs, Open and Installation. The Open Program is geared toward Lead Artists and the Installation Program is both open and for AIRSpace Artists. 2018 will be the 11th anniversary of SPF and will take place at our new location at 145 Eddy St. Installation pieces will be exhibited the first half of July and proscenium pieces will premier the second half.


Congratulations to the 11th Annual summer performance festival Artists!


Anand Jay Kalra
Bhumi B. Patel / pateldanceworks
Dawn Frank Holtan
Jesselito Bie
Kristen Rulifson
Michael D. Lee
Rhea Speights
Zackary Forcum's OOMPH Dance Theater
Zsa Zsa Garbàge

Jenny Yang
Saulaman Schlegel




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For more information please email the Festival Coordinator, Courtney@SAFEhousearts.org