RENT SAFEhouse Arts                                                 


We love sharing our space with our community and we can help co-produce events, provide space for weekly rentals or host classes and workshops. We prefer to not to one-offs (except events) and our minimum is usually $100 per month. The reason for the minimum is that we don't have a lot of staff and most of us are working artists but discounted space is available and we love having partners in the space. Contact Joe for more details. Ruth usually coordinates rentals. 


Here are some guidelines for renting 145 Eddy St. :


$100 per month is usually a weekly 2 hour weekday slot

$200 per month is usually a weekly 2 hour weekend slot 

$300 per month is usually a weekly 4 hour weeknight slot



$200 is usually a one-night event SUN-THU

$300 is a one-night event FRI or SAT


Please check the google calendars below for availability, then email for requests. 

- All times that are not occupied are typically available.                                                     

145 Eddy St. Calendar