The primary initiative at SAFEhouse Arts is our artist residency programs, which hosts around 80 groups per year. Starting Summer 2016, the program formally became an artists’ cooperative model, with the goal of encouraging the artists to become more invested in the organization, thus creating a more sustainable program model for the future of SAFEhouse.


How to Apply

Fill out an online application. Applications for Spring 2020 residencies are due no later than October 15th.

Spring 2020 RAW Application


RAW (resident artist workshop)

As SAFEhouse's primary program, RAW residencies support approximately 100 emerging and established artists in the development of new works in contemporary dance, experimental theatre, and interdisciplinary performance.  RAW residencies provide artists 3-6 hours of rehearsal space for approximately 12 weeks, as well as mentorship, marketing, and production support for two nights of performance in shared showcases.  The goal of the RAW residency program is to provide a consistent source of support for emerging and established artists to create and perform new work without the stress of self-producing. RAW requires 15 hours of volunteer service including training in tech and production.  Since the program is free, artists can focus on investigation and development of their work.



AIRspace was founded in 1987 at the Jon Sims Center for the Arts, which was dedicated to supporting queer and trans artists of color and people living with HIV/AIDS. In 2007, after the close of the Sims Center, the program was transferred to SAFEHouse. In 2015, the program was put on hiatus for 2 years, and this year it comes back with new leadership at our new venue. 



The RAW Lead Artist Program is ideal for artists who want to have a long-term artistic relationship with SAFEhouse and work with us organizationally to gain administrative skills.  They are given priority to participate in a RAW residency in each RAW quarter in 2019 with the opportunity to produce a solo show in Fall 2019. 
Lead Artists work with SAFEhouse staff to volunteer 5 hours per month in one component of the organization (Development, Marketing, Operations, or Production).  They are also required to attend quarterly lead artist meetings on community day and submit monthly reports.
In exchange, Lead Artists gain administrative experience in the area of their component, are given priority in SPF (summer performance festival) and West Wave Dance Festival, and receive a modest stipend based on a percentage of ticket sales during their performances at the program's conclusion in December 2019.

*The application deadline for the 2019 Lead Artist Program is closed. Check back in Fall 2019 for the 2020 Lead Artist Program.