The RAW Lead Artist Program is ideal for artists who want to have a longterm artistic relationship with SAFEhouse and work with us organizationally to gain administrative skills.  They are given priority to participate in a RAW residency in each RAW quarter in 2018 with the opportunity to produce a solo show in Fall 2018. 

Each month, Lead Artists volunteer 5 hours per month and participate in one of the following components:  


  • MARKETING – social media, graphic design, and outreach.
  • DEVELOPMENT – grant writing and fundraising.
  • OPERATIONS – administration, cleaning, bartending, and house managing.
  • All Lead Artists participate in PRODUCTION by operating lights and sound for at least one RAW program or house managing.


All Lead Artists attend mandatory quarterly meetings, during which they give updates on the component they have been participating in. Each Lead Artist submits a monthly report and an invoice confirming that they completed their 5 hours for that month. In exchange, Lead Artists gain administrative experience in the area of their component, are given priority in SPF (summer performance festival) and West Wave Dance Festival, are encouraged to produce a solo show, and receive a modest stipend based on a percentage of ticket sales during their performances at the program's conclusion in December 2018.


SAFEhouse Arts will be accepting applications for 2018 Lead Artists on October 1, 2017.