Min Yoon

“Breathless: A Fire Drill” will be a butoh dance ritual performance of collective despair, togetherness, and ecstasy, about our world on fire. I will research through butoh dance, interviews, and media - how natural disasters, political events, personal experiences, news and social media are tied to our consciousness, and how we can emit new transmissions through the scenes we create for each other through our actions. With a new fire drill, how can we practice taking care of one another, asking for support, and showing care and love, through the potential state of crisis and heightened emotions, beyond socio-political divides?


Min Yoon is a butoh ritual performance artist, dedicated to exploring ways to uncover the deeper, more intuitive nature in how we relate to our being and the world, through art, butoh dance, and philosophy, and what may arise from this uncovering. Min started butoh dance, out of the darkest moments in her life, to dive into deeper landscapes and research the images, opening, and movement we need for our times. Butoh is an expressive mode of dance that seeks to find what is deep within, beyond what is socially accepted in a pursuit of new expressions of truth. dancetotheedge.com


Daria Garina

Matrilineal: "I am a refugee, my mother is a refugee, her mother is a refugee. Three generations of holding breath, leaping into the unknown. Waiting decades for solid ground. Yet solid ground never materializes under the feet of my lineage. We never arrive, we never exhale. Our bodies start to decompose under the pressure.

I was born with the urgency that I might be the first, and the last, one resourced enough to unwork generations worth of unprocessed pain. I would carry the heavy weight in my own body until then. Dragging the unliberated bodies of my parents and grandparents with every step forward."

Daria arrived in the Bay as a 6-year-old refugee from Moscow, Russia. He began studying dance at 25. Daria’s movement work explores displacement, chronic illness, being transgender, and mixed race.


em(body) dance project

The Truth and The Light is a piece created by Vinnie Jones about humanity’s search for truth and meaning. The work features experimental lighting and light sources that illuminate the dancers to varying degrees as the work progresses. A central part of our human journey is the search for truth. We view the world through our limited human perspectives. We are given ideas through those around us and the traditions gone before us. With this knowledge and our own we attempt to uncover eternal truths. The piece is a journey of human understanding told through light and movement.

em(body) dance project is a contemporary dance group that seeks to represent the stories of diverse human experiences. The company creates stories around the lived experiences of women, gender minorities, different sexual and romantic identities, spiritual ideologies, and racial or ethnic backgrounds. They work to support an environment of discovery, safety, care and openness where artists are free to contribute their stories and perspectives. The company works towards amplifying voices not normally given a voice or authority in classically based concert dance. They performed around the San Francisco Bay Area and host workshops to empower young dancers.

Vinnie Jones is freelance dancer and choreographer and founding member of em(body) dance project. She graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in dance. She has danced professionally for San Diego Ballet, Ballet Tucson, Menlowe Ballet and LaMov Compania de Danza of Spain. Aside from choreographing for em(body) her works have been performed in Spain, Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and California. She has choreographed for Pacific Ballet Academy and Menlo Park Academy of Dance creating contemporary works for competitions such as the California Dance Classics and YAGP. For Pacific Ballet Academy she also choreographed Act 1 of the Nutcracker as well a contemporary works on the studio company.

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Sponsored by RAW (resident artist workshop), a residency program of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.