Step into the world of ayanadancearts and experience an evening of two carefully crafted story-telling works, 鬼女/Kijo (2013) and 種/Tane (2019).  ayanadancearts aims to create highly innovative choreography that is rooted in contemporary dance aesthetics with a strong Japanese cultural narrative. Its signature piece, 鬼女/Kijo ("demon-woman"), will be re-staged for the fourth time, now as a full-length work. In Japan, demons are believed to linger in the depths of women’s souls, bringing resentment, jealousy, and chaos. 鬼女/Kijo tells of the transformation of a once-calm female spirit into a demon-woman. The company’s newest work, 種/Tane ("seed"), depicts the concepts of nurturing and abandonment from a child’s perspective, alluding to human treatment of our planet.
This performance marks the 10th year that artistic director Ayana Yonesaka has worked in San Francisco.  Born and raised in Sapporo, she received her B.A in Dance from San Francisco State University in 2013. She has since been an active dance instructor (San Francisco Youth Ballet Academy, RoCo Dance & Fitness, and ODC), performer, and choreographer in the Bay Area community. Her work seamlessly navigates her Japanese and American identities, choreographing through a unique cross-pacific framework.  



Friday, August 23rd

$15 Early Bird Through August 8th

$20 Online Starting August 9th

Saturday, August 24th

$30 Online

$25-$40 Sliding Scale at the Door


Sponsored by RAW (resident artist workshop), a residency program of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.


Photo by Mark Shigenaga