Alex Law’s Feat of Feet

Pulse is a dance in collaboration with a live musician and an actor. Through the lens of public transit, we channel the rhythms that encapsulate us. We explore the intricacies amongst strangers in a confined space, imagining a quirky comedy with a touch of romanticism unfolding before us.

Alex Law has been a choreographer, collaborator, and a dance artist for 6 years. She has worked alongside local musicians and continues to expand the breadth of collaboration. She is a two-time RAW resident for Safehouse Arts, performing with local artists, creating dance films, and merging technology and movement through Kinetech Arts.  


Hannah Young

Hannah Young is a California transplant by way of Idaho. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Dance at Pomona College, she moved to San Francisco where she’s been lucky to find a home in the dance community here and a fundraising job at the San Francisco Ballet. She has recently shown work at SAFEhouse, The Tiny Dance Film Festival, and Bulbfest 2018. She has performed with Stephanie Unger and Jocelyn Reyes in the Bay Area and with John Pennington at Pomona College.


$10 Early bird

$15 Online

$20 Cash at the door


Sponsored by RAW (resident artist workshop), a residency program of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.