Naomi Oppenheim

An homage to roots in Judaism, musical theater, and silliness, this multimedia piece - inspired by "Fiddler on the Roof"'s bottle dancers and performed with a bottle on her head - is informed by Naomi's studies of adolescent psychology. It traverses various forms of dance and performance, exploring connection as the undoing of suffering, messiness as the undoing of shame, inner child as the site of healing.


Naomi (she/her) is a full time student, sometime performer studying psychology, drama, and dance. She is passionate about the intersection of arts and healing, and hopes to pursue a career in dance therapy. She has found endless joy and community in the dance world of San Francisco and is very excited to present work as a culmination of this.


Genevieve Rochefort

Solidifying and manipulating what has already become staples in the creation of an order. As someone who doesn't always feel worthy, to deepen the connection of the movement coming from me and relating to the stage. Playing with augmenting the material to fit the one or two people sharing the moves.


A recent graduate from the Alonzo King LINES Training Program, Genevieve has been traveling the past summer choreographing not only in San Francisco, but also in Huntsville TX, Boston MA, and Inwood WV. Recently she has been working as a freelance dancer and choreographer and continues to deepen her connections to the bay area dance scene.


Kat Flipse

Inspired by the art of self-portraiture, this work aims to explore what it means to create something in the image of yourself. The process is fueled by questioning how self-image and living in a visual culture intersect, how perception of self influences who we are, and the effects of image representation. The dancers and choreographer work to create an abstraction of personhood and explore what it means to be an individual in a world filled with conformity.


Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Kat Flipse is attending the University of San Francisco majoring in Performing Arts and Social Justice with a concentration in dance. She is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring how dance, music, and theatre can merge to create one product. Kat uses her work to discover how community influences the art we create and to construct safe spaces that encourage artistic decision making. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Kat has trained and performed under the direction of Amie Dowling, Eli Nelson, Natalie Greene, Katie Faulkner, Kara Davis, Dexandro “D” Montalvo, Sharonjean Leeds, and Jennifer Polyocan.

STEAMROLLER dance company

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