Francesca Cipponeri

Special Performance Event: As a dancer and choreographer, I am consistently inspired by the beauty and struggle of humanity. I am passionate about telling the human story and capturing seemingly insignificant moments of life and revealing their artistry. I believe that as a community of artists, we have a responsibility to contribute to the conversations happening in our world, and shedding light into confusing and difficult situations. Currently, I am investigating the intersection of injustice in human trafficking, the power of community, dance, and cross-medium collaboration. I hope to impact contemporary society by being an artistic voice for those who have been silenced.


Francesca is a California native who began dancing at the age of 3 and discovered her lasting passion for dance, choreography, and musical theatre while studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from San Jose State University. After dancing with the Transform Artists Residency in New York City in 2016, Francesca is now associate staff with the Transform Arts team and has gone on to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts degree at Mills College.  She has studied under Gary Masters, Sonya Delwaide, and Kara Davis. She recently worked with South Bay Musical Theatre (SBMT) in the production of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Francesca also holds interests in collaboration with other art forms such as poetry and music and is currently training in aerial dance.


Octavia Rose Hingle

The Bay Area as we know it is underwater. Rising ocean tides have seized the land at the water’s edge, and what was once asphalt is now murky uncertain ocean. In this post-apocalyptic landscape, what will we need to sacrifice and what will we need to heal in order to survive? 'The Gills Beneath our Flesh' adapts the Scottish mythology of a half-woman/half-seal Selkie to tackle this question of science-fiction imagination. Using monologue, movement, live singing and site-specific research on the SF Bay, I embody a Selkie fighting to breathe in the space between water and sky.


Octavia Rose Hingle is an adaptive dance artist, educator, and nightlife producer born and raised in the East Bay Area. Octavia’s work dreams up visions of past and future ancestors that travel through the plastic vessel of the present moment. They hold a BA in dance from Middlebury College and have studied with ODC/Dance, AXIS Dance Company and Headlong Performance Institute. In the Bay Area, they most recently performed ‘Love Getaway’ with the National Queer Arts Fest 2018. You can see more of their work at, and find them DJing around the Bay as Octopussy510.



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Sponsored by RAW (resident artist workshop), a residency program of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.