The information on this page is pertains to those artists participating in the

26th Annual West Wave Dance Festival


This page is for all artists who are currently participating in a festival with SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts. Here you can find online versions of your forms and documents. Please check this page frequently for the most up to date information regarding your festival. 


Master Form 

At this time, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A FORM FOR EACH TIME YOU PARTICIPATE IN A SAFEhouse PROGRAM (that includes repeat residents, festivals, studio rentals, etc - you MUST submit a new form for EACH)!

PLEASE SAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL! It contains a link through which you can return to your form to make edits and additions. You will want to do this as SAFEhouse uses this information for social media, program information and the press release.

Master Form


Tech Information

Tech for this years West Wave Dance Festival will be relatively simple due to the set-up at the Community Music Center. However, we still need you to fill out a tech form and confirm your tech time with us. This is particularly important with regards to your music as many of you will have live musicians/bands and we will need to know how we can best accomodate them as well. 

Tech Form


Tech Schedule


Volunteer Positions Grid

Remember that as a part of your participation in a SAFEhouse festival you are required to complete some volunteer work. Please use this Volunteer Positions Grid to sign up for those hours. 

Volunteer Positions Grid



Rehearsal Schedule

Here is the calendar for all rehearsals at:

1 Grove 


For more information please email, or Executive Director,