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This page is for all artists who are currently in residence with SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts. Here you can find online versions of your orientation documents as well as Google forms, service grid, rehearsal schedule, and more. Please check this page frequently for the most up to date information regarding your residency. 



RAW Spring Program and Tech Information for March Shows - Friday, February 15th

RAW Spring Program and Tech Information for April Shows - Friday, March 15th

RAW Spring Program and Tech information for May Shows - Monday, April 15

RAW Summer Publicity Form Deadline: Monday, April 15th

As your residency progresses, you have the opportunity to send us current publicity information.  If you have new information, please submit another publicity form and your changes will be integrated.  After the initial deadline, updates must be submitted by the 15th of the current month in order to be in the publicity for the following month.

Winter Publicity Form

                                                                                                                                                                                       Spring Publicity Form

Summer Publicity Form


Program Information

Program Form Deadline: The 15th of the month before your show

Please fill out this form with the information that you would like to be included in the printed program the night of your performance. Space is limited because we print the program monthly, but we will try to include all of your information as best we can. This form is due by the 15th of the month before your show. For example, if your show is November 15 & 16, your program information is due by October 15th. You can always submit your form early, but additions will not be accepted after the 15th of the month before your show. You are welcome to create your own insert if you like. If you create an insert it must be either a half sheet of paper or a full sheet of paper folded in half, so that it can fit inside of the monthly program. If you have any questions regarding program information, please email


Program Information Form


Tech Information

Tech form deadline: The 15th of the month before your show

As our tech is run by volunteers, who are guided by our staff, we need to know what you plan to incorporate in your show. It is a simple lights-up/lights-down? Are you using video? Do you have live music? Having this information ahead of time will help us to best support you. This information is due at the same time your program information is due, on the 15th of the month before your show. 

Tech Form


Volunteer Grid

Remember that as a part of your residency you are required to complete 15 hours of volunteer work. Use this Volunteer Grid to sign up for those hours. The current week's volunteers are printed out and posted on the bulletin board next to the tech table.

Volunteer GRID for Winter Co-op 18-19 

Volunteer GRID for Spring Co-op 2019

Volunteer GRID for Summer 2019


Orientation Documents

These documents were given to you at your Community Day Orientation. They include a ton of information regarding your residency. Please consult this document if you have questions regarding procedures and program details. 

RAW Summer 2019 Orientation Documents (Pending)

RAW Spring 2019 Orientation Documents

RAW Winter 18-19 Orientation Documents


Rehearsal Schedule

Here is the calendar for all rehearsals at:

145 Eddy