$100 Rental Special


At SAFEhouse we are all about making art possible, and with the opening of a second venue, we have a lot of space to offer at discounted rates! Here's the scoop...


  • You pay $100 
  • You pick a time and day from our availability
  • You manage your own box office/door person
  • You promise not to smoke any substances in our building and to not trash the place.
  • You load in, you perform, and you leave


Pretty great, right? SAFEhouse will provide one person who will house manage and provide a basic lights-up/lights-down tech. You get 45 minutes to set up, 45 minutes to perform, and we strike as quickly as possible.


You also get access to discounted rehearsal and tech rates. Rehearsals are $10 per hour with a $100 minimum. And additional tech support can be hired for the show at $20 per hour.


Any and all types of performances are welcome at SAFEhouse. Dance, theater, comedy, drag, ritual, mime, anything!


That’s it.  No frills or complicated contracts.  We have slots available starting immediately at our 1 Grove St. location for all nights of the week, including weekends (except Tuesdays). We will have weeknight and Sunday slots available at our 145 Eddy St. location starting in November.  The slots are as follows…


7:30pm – set up starts at 6:45pm and show must be finished at 8:15pm


9:00pm – set up starts at 8:15pm and show must be finished at 9:45pm


10:30pm – set up starts at 9:45pm and show must be finished at 11:15pm


If you are interested please email rentals@safehousearts.org